Image of a bear emerging from a cave in the spring with text "Warm up your generosity!"

Warm up your generosity with GiveMN this spring!

Spring has finally sprung in Minnesota! Sure, we're due for the inevitable second and third winters—but the grass is greener, lakes are glimmering, and there's a warmth in the air we haven't felt in months.

It's also a busy time for your favorite nonprofits and schools across Minnesota to raise funds in support of their missions. After the busy end-of-year giving season and a quiet winter, spring marks a time many organizations hold outdoor fundraising events, spring galas and other fundraising drives. That's why over the next few weeks, we're inviting you to Warm Up Your Generosity with nonprofits and schools all across Minnesota (and beyond!) We'll be sending along a few emails with tips and steps you can take to use your generosity as a way to power your values and support causes as they work to meet their spring fundraising goals.

This page serves as a hub for donors during this campaign! Follow-along below this spring as we offer a series of resources for donors and generosity challenges to help you start putting your own values into action in 2023!

Week of April 24: Warm up your generosity!

We're revealing our spring generosity series for donors this week! Over the next month, we hope you'll warm up your generosity with us by thinking about your giving goals for the year and taking part in some or all of our generosity challenges. Big things can happen when we all give what we can together!

  • This week's Generosity Challenge:
    • Make a gift to a cause you haven't yet supported in 2023!
      Our first generosity challenge is a simple one! Think about organizations you supported last year (or even before), and consider making a first gift of 2023 to support their work! It doesn't have to be the same amount you donated at the end of last year—even a small gift will power the work you care about.

      ☑️  Search for your favorite causes, think about organizations you've supported in the past, and renew your support for their work!

  • Extra credit:
    • Create a free donor account to make the most out of your generosity hub!
      Although you don't need to create a donor account to make gifts on, you're missing out on additional features to track your yearly giving without one!

      When you create a donor account on, you can review all of your previous giving tracked to that email address, request duplicate receipts, receive a year-end report of your giving just in time for tax season, create free fundraiser pages to help raise money from your living room, and manage monthly gifts to the nonprofits and schools you care about most!

      ☑️  Create a donor account by entering your email and creating a password, and then you'll be off and running! 



Week of May 8

Warm up your first-time giving!

Minnesota is the known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes—but did you know it is also home to more than 30,000 nonprofits?

From houses of worship to community food shelves, PTOs, neighborhood sports leagues, and so many more areas, Minnesota is fortunate to have so many organizations doing good work in every community across our state.

Each of these organizations powers their good work thanks in part to the generosity of every one of you receiving this email. Together, our gifts add up to more than just millions of dollars; our collective giving does things like buy supplies needed for the arts, provide basic needs for those facing food and housing insecurity, shelters animals waiting for a forever home, and more.

Week of May 22


Thousands of donors use to set up an automatic monthly gift to their favorite causes, subscribing their support to power good deeds in Minnesota year-round!

Monthly gifts have become more commonplace for donors in the past decade, with 45% of donors worldwide including monthly giving as part of their overall giving profile. Here are three reasons you should consider adding a monthly gift as a base level of support to your giving plan!

  1. It's like a subscription for good. Think of the subscriptions you pay monthly to access things like entertainment, services, food delivery, and more. By creating a monthly gift, you are subscribing to good, impactful things taking place in communities all across Minnesota!
  2. It boosts your generosity and spreads it out. By adding even a $5 monthly gift to your favorite cause, you can increase your generosity and impact in a way that won't break the bank. (And you can still give for your other favorite fundraisers throughout the year, too!)
  3. It's incredibly helpful to nonprofits and schools. Many organizations, especially small- and medium-sized, have a few major fundraisers each year with a lot riding on the results. Your additional monthly gifts provide a predictable source of generosity throughout the entire year they can put to work immediately.
  • Resource
    - FAQs about using to create and manage monthly gifts
  • Generosity Challenge:
    • Start a monthly gift to causes you care about!
      Help power your favorite causes every month of the year by starting a monthly gift! You know your giving priorities and personal finances best—donors on give organizations from $5 to $1,000 per month, and every dollar matters to the causes you love.
      ☑️  Find your favorite causes and start a monthly gift! Once you're on their donation form, click "monthly gift" as shown in the image below.

      Screenshot showing the button to click to begin a monthly gift.